Pre orders

Why We Are Offering Pre-Orders

We are so happy to announced we have started taking pre-orders in our collections. While some of you love to be the first to get your hands on the newest collection, there are actually a few more reasons why we like to work this way.

1. Avoid overproduce and overstock.

If we have a rough figure of how much you love certain styles and prints, our decisions can be more informed. This way we avoid over producing styles that will end up as dead stock and eventually waste. By pre-ordering you will be saving the environment from unnecessary pollution from production and shipping.

2. Help fund new collections.

As you know we are a small business for that reason we think pre-ordering will help fund future collections and this way you will be able to support more lovely designs from us.

3. More styles available.

However, when pre-ordering is offer we can offer a bigger bunch of styles, and we will be 100% sure you will get exactly what you are looking for without having to spend hours searching the net for available stock? 

4. You can get a cheeky discount

While you help us fund the collections, we can offer you your new jewellery piece with a discount. You are helping us and the environment, and we want to say Thank You, in return you get your discount, to be honest this sounds like a win-win! Use Code 'PRE-ORDER' at check out and when you pre-order 1 product.

Thanks for helping us to keep a healthy environment!

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