Amazonas Collection

Hello, my name is Cristina, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, one of the most spectacular cities in the world, you may be wondering why is it so special? Maybe I am not objective but it is simply beautiful, it is surrounded by a mountain called Avila and it was one of my muses for this collection, Oh! I almost forgot the most important point it has the best weather in the world between 20-24 degrees every day amazing right?

Seven years ago I moved to the UK for love ... and here I am paying tribute to my country, to my origins. This is a collection created for the world to know a little more about our customs, for example we love protective seeds to keep away the bad vibes, (check it out the Amazonian bracelet or the Peonia and azabache necklace truly works) but specially for all Venezuelans who have emigrated to make them to feel closer to home because although we are far away from Venezuela will always be in our hearts. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

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