6 Must-have jewellery pieces

6 Must-have pieces in your jewellery draw this season.

  1. A snake chain: You need to have one snake chain at least this season! It's the perfect accessory if you love layering. The best part, you can wear every day, sleep and shower with it! So if you are a busy mum or always on the run, this beauty it's definitely the one for you.                                 
  2. Maxi earrings:Oh yes, the maxi earrings can be your best friend during this season, weightless and with a clip system, these beauties will level up any of your festive looks! 
  3. Ear cuff: Ear cuffs still trending, and as we love to say, the more, the merrier, so level up your Christmas look by adding some maxi chunky ear cuffs to the look.       
  4. A cross-body phone chain: Christmas it's about having fun, walking in the cold 🥶 and be dancing and enjoying yourself. For that reason, you need a phone chain to have your 📱 always with you and be hands free! We have different colours to match your outfits. 
  5. Bracelets: No matter how many accessories you have, bracelets are so important this season to level up your looks! That red dress doesn't need a necklace? Let's add an arm candy to look 🔝
  6. Classic studs: Last but not least, of course! You need a pair of studs in your draw this season, sometimes you need to use a maxi necklace and a pair of studs, these beauties will make your outfit look stylish without braking the bank!

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